Rental Agreement: What You Need To Know

Rental Agreement:What you need to rent policy


PHONE: 1-888-220-5666

This Rental Agreement is entered into by and between O&R Enterprise and the Reservation approved Primary rental customer and/or any approved additional approved Secondary rental customer 21 years of age or older.
No unautthorized drivers are allowed to drive any vehicles as this is a immediate Blocked From Renting status and security deposit revoked.

The minimum age is 18 (if you are 24 - 18 you will be required to pay a underage fee which varies in price & security deposit may vary from $250-$500).

Underage fee 18-20 $50 per day, 21-24 $25 per day. 

In addition, there are specific vehicles available for renters 21 years old and under that have the underage fee price add on option in the rent me section.

If a vehicle doesnt have the underage fee price add on option this vehicle IS NOT for drivers under 21 years old.

Provide a valid drivers license with a photo (for example a drivers license & or a passport) the address on the drivers license must match the current address. 
When making a reservation online and in store the credit card signature must match the rental reservation name.

Credit cards are accepted to secure your rental reservation.

Debit cards may be used upon desecretion per valid information required as follows: A current utility bill with no past due or balance, one or two of the following items maybe additionally required a cellular phone bill, current paystub, personal references, and or insurance policy declarations page.

If you want to pay for the rental of a vehicle for another indiviual the renter of the vehicle must be present to sign the rental agreement and provide their credit card at the time of pick up. The renter cannot provide a credit or debit card belonging to someone else for their use.

If you wish to pay for the rental car, but have someone else drive it, you can rent the vehicle in your name and add them as an additional driver. In order to add an additional driver, they would have to meet all of our additional driver requirements.

Any additional driver will pay a daily fee of $25 per day and must be present at the time of rental and meet age requirements and driver license requirements.

If your reservation is cancelled by you or because you didn't meet certain requirements: more the 24 hour notice $50, less than 24 hours $100. (if you make a reservation online make sure to complete all that applies as this is also concidered not meeting certain requirements for cancellations.

Purchase our in house collision damage waivers which limits your financial responsibilty to a deductble if the vehicle is involved in an accident. (exclusions apply see terms and conditions on rental agreement).
We offer delivery & pick up services. Delivery fees vary based on address. Local Detroit city limits is $25.00 anything outside of Detroit is $50.00 or more.
You will receive confirmation for you reservation via email you added to your reservation. If you have questions after booking, please call 1-888-220-5666.
All our vehicles have FREE Fast Lane car washes & vacuum services. 7 days a week 7am-7pm  (North Bound on Woodward South of 7 mile).
All vehicles should be returned in clean condition and gas level as given. Additional fees will be added if not.

All vehicles are to be picked up & dropped off at 405 W. 7 Mile, Detroit, Mi. 48203, unless you added delivery or pick up services to your reservation at your scheduled reservation time or fees will apply.
To extend your vehicle you must call 24 hours before your reservation is over and if there isn't a reservation attached to that vehicle you are welcome to extend, if it is a reservation attached we can tranfer your deposit and put you in another vehicle if avaiable.

Late Returns: There is a 15 minute grace. If you return the vehicle after the grace there is a $50 late fee at that time and every 1/2 hour after up to 2 1/2 hours at that time you will be charged for an additional day of rental along with security deposit being forfeited.
If the vehicle has to be repo'd the secuirty deposit is forfeited and additional charges equal to security deposit or more will be charged due to repo invoice of what had to be done to retrieve the vehicle. 

If your rental is involved in accident your safety comes first and 911 should be called and a police report must be filed at the accident. Call 1-888-220-5666 for roadside assistance to tow the vehicle (if the vehicle is undrivabale) and report the incident.

If your rental car breaks down due to a mechanical failure, tire blow out and it is not drivable, be sure to get to a safe place out of traffic. Then, call Roadside Assistance at 1-888-220-5666.

If you are entitled to a refund and due to banks processing times this could be delayed up to 20 days after vehicle is returned.